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I’m on an Indonesian Whoa-oh Radio

Our awareness of this extraordinary experience tends to get lost in the daily grind. Even our day-to-day experiences, at first thought, seem typical and, for the most part, ordinary.┬áIt’s only when we take a step back and think about them … Continue reading

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Every little girl fantasizes about being famous at some point in her life. Star-filled dreams of standing in the spotlight and coyly smiling at a crowd of paparazzi and their flashing cameras fill their minds. For some girls, those dreams … Continue reading

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Visa Run

We just retuned from a short trip to Singapore to renew our visas. With numerous stories being told of some employees experiencing a quick, 24-hour turnaround, and other employees experiencing a long, frustrating wait (up to 4-6 weeks), our fate … Continue reading

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A Tribal War

As we continue to live a comfortable life at jobsite, a tribal war is taking place in the lowlands below us. A clash between the Dani and Moni tribes started earlier this month when a member of the Moni tribe … Continue reading

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Two Little Monkeys

We are quickly approaching the four-month mark of this adventure. Moving to Indonesia has been, by far, the most difficult and challenging thing that the girls have ever done. With that said, it has also been an incredibly rewarding experience … Continue reading

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