Two Little Monkeys

We are quickly approaching the four-month mark of this adventure. Moving to Indonesia has been, by far, the most difficult and challenging thing that the girls have ever done. With that said, it has also been an incredibly rewarding experience for them. Just a few months ago, they left behind a world of convenience, luxury, and comfort for a world that was only imaginable from the pictures that Chris took and from the stories that he told. Even with those pictures and stories, nothing could have prepared them for what they have gone through.

The transitional process of moving into this unique and unconventional community has been long, and, at times, difficult. However, the girls are beginning to show signs of genuine contentment. They are happy, healthy, safe, and have gained a strong sense of connectedness and community. They have successfully acclimated to life in the jungle!

My two little jungle monkeys enjoying a short walk around the property of the Rimba Resort in Timika.

My two beautiful, little monkeys enjoying a short walk at the Rimba Hotel in Timika.

On a little side note: I JUST experienced my first earthquake! It was a small one (between a 3.0 and 4.0), which is common here. It made the air and floor move in waves, wobbled my chair, and rattled the kitchen cupboard doors. I’ve been secretly waiting to experience my first earthquake, so, now that I have, I don’t think I need to experience another one.

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4 Responses to Two Little Monkeys

  1. Dad says:

    Dear Kriste, Alley and Kylee:

    I am sorry, but the computer will not allow me to place Chris’s name at the beginning of this message. I don’t know what went wrong.
    The girls are experiencing some hardships, but life today, although it is not the same as Arizona, should increase the support Ally can give to Kylee. They should become perfect sisters to each other.

    We have been wondering how life is there in Indonesia. You answered some of our questions.
    We hope that thing will continue to go well for the four of you. We want you to know that the four of you are in our prayers each and every day.

    We love you so much and equally, we miss you so much.

    Jus think the memories you will have when you return to the U.S.A. These memories will last a life time and look at the memory benefits Alley and Kylee will have.

    We love you four and miss you four.


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  3. Franny Johnson says:

    I sure enjoy your stories and beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to add to them!

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