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Before moving to Tembagapura, Chris worked in Freeport’s corporate office as part of the global health & safety team. His responsibilities included quarterly visits to PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI, Freeport’s affiliate in Indonesia). Each visit would end with a new collection … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

A typical afternoon shower turned into a fierce downpour yesterday afternoon. Torrential rains swept through Tembagapura in a 50-year storm that triggered floods, landslides, and power outages, which resulted in varying degrees of destruction throughout the small mining town. The … Continue reading

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China Extended Study Trip – Part II

Freezing temperatures and extreme smog gripped the city of Beijing during the first week of December, but that didn’t stop Ally and the rest of the MZS group from having the time of their lives. With pure energy and excitement, … Continue reading

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China Extended Study Trip

Books are windows to the world; the ability to step into and explore the pages of those books is an adventure. For the past several weeks Ally has had her nose buried in textbooks studying the rise and fall of … Continue reading

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The Little Boy in the Rainforest

El Niño, planet earth’s mischievous “little boy,” meddled in Indonesia’s weather patterns this winter with all his might. His antics resulted in warmer temperatures and drier conditions throughout the region. In Tembagapura, his formidable presence was often felt when typical … Continue reading

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M7.0 Earthquake

Indonesia sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where tectonic plates collide causing varying degrees of seismic and volcanic activity. In Tembagapura, it’s not unusual to feel small earthquakes and tremors. has already identified 2 earthquakes today, 3 earthquakes … Continue reading

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6 Kilometers Underground

PTFI has several of the fastest growing underground mines in the industry. In 2017, when GBC (Grasberg Block Cave) begins production, it will be the largest underground hard rock mine in the world, and PTFI’s collection of GBC, DOZ (Deep … Continue reading

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Komoro Art and Culture Program

The spirit of the Komoro people enveloped the local community last month with its annual art and culture program. The fervent sound of handcrafted wooden drums penetrated the air, while artisans, with painted torsos and feathered headdresses, manipulated primitive tools … Continue reading

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Flight #GA652

The worst part of travel to and from Tembagapura is Flight #GA652, from Denpasar-Bali to Timika. It leaves at 1:50am and arrives in Timika three-hours and forty-minutes later at 6:30am (there’s a one-hour time difference). The grueling, red-eye flight torments … Continue reading

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5.5lbs of Red Vines

This tub of American goodness was hand transported all the way from the U.S. mainland to the Papuan rainforest for the purpose of being auctioned off at a school fundraiser that was held last weekend. As soon as Chris and … Continue reading

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The Six Smells of Tembagapura

Before moving to Tembagapura, I imagined the Papuan rainforest saturated with exotically sweet and sultry smells. I was wrong. In fact, the smell of Tembagapura is limited to six distinct aromas. The most prevalent aroma is damp terra firma, which … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Strike

PTFI was on the cusp of recovering from last October’s strike when a small number of Tujuh Suku, the seven tribes, blocked the access road to the underground mine and the open pit with a piece of heavy equipment early … Continue reading

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