A Tribal War

As we continue to live a comfortable life at jobsite, a tribal war is taking place in the lowlands below us. A clash between the Dani and Moni tribes started earlier this month when a member of the Moni tribe was killed during a land dispute. Tribal animosity is typical among the Papuan tribes, which often results in conflict and bloodshed.

On March 13, 2014, an article in the The Jakarta Post reported that the death toll was up to seven and that hundreds more were injured. Since then, the war has continued to escalate and intensify. PTFI employees who belong to the Dani and Moni tribes have taken leave from their jobs to fight the war. When the war is over, they will return to jobsite and to their positions.

In many ways, the indigenous tribes have become increasingly more civilized over the years. However, they continue to live in very traditional ways, too. Violent clashes, the use of bows and arrows, eye-for-an-eye killings, peace offerings, and arrow-breaking ceremonies remain strong elements in tribal warfare. The war will end when the leaders of the two tribes reach an agreement.

Indigenous Papuans and their traditional weapons (IST)

Indigenous Papuans and their traditional weapons (IST)

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1 Response to A Tribal War

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Kriste, Christopher, Alley and Kylee:

    This writing you sent us is very scary, Tribal Wars. These would keep me from having a decent
    night’s sleep. I think Mom and I would need each a hand gun available in the event we needed them and it sounds like the hand guns are needed.

    Thank you for your phone call the other day. It was such a pleasure hearing from you and Kylee.
    Your telephone calls eliminate the fact that we are missing you and your family.

    Winter is still here in Southern Alberta and there is still lots of snow on the ground. The forecast over night (Wednesday night) calls for more snow, 2 km. to 4 km. Today is March 26, 2014 and today is the 5th day of Spring. Even though this is the 5th day of Spring, we have not yet seen Spring and Winter is still here and doing well.

    We love you all and miss seeing you all.

    Love always,


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