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I’m on an Indonesian Whoa-oh Radio

Our awareness of this extraordinary experience tends to get lost in the daily grind. Even our day-to-day experiences, at first thought, seem typical and, for the most part, ordinary. It’s only when we take a step back and think about them … Continue reading

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Komoro Art and Culture Program

The spirit of the Komoro people enveloped the local community last month with its annual art and culture program. The fervent sound of handcrafted wooden drums penetrated the air, while artisans, with painted torsos and feathered headdresses, manipulated primitive tools … Continue reading

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Extended Middle School Trip

Ally and the other MZS middle-school students left jobsite this afternoon for an extended field trip to Cairns, Australia. When they arrive there tomorrow morning, they will be met and picked up at the airport by staff members of Small … Continue reading

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A Field Trip to Kuala Kencana

Kuala Kencana (KK) is a small town in the lowlands that is owned and operated by the company to support its mining operations in the highlands. Just like Tembagapura, it’s securely situated away from the general population. It has residential … Continue reading

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Banti Village

Ally has had the opportunity to travel to some extraordinary places in the short time that we have lived here. Places with a wealth of culture. Places wrought with diversity.  And, places entrenched in history or committed to growing with … Continue reading

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Ghosts, Goblins, and Equilateral Triangles

While ghosts and goblins roamed the streets of jobsite, Ally was in Bali attending an international school math competition. Through a series of unforeseen events, the competition evolved from something that she excitedly signed up for to something that she … Continue reading

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Bali Green Camp

The life of an MZIS middle school student is best described as being experientially rewarding. Ally is offered opportunities that, at one time, were beyond her reality. Opportunities that allow her to venture out into the big world (without her … Continue reading

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Ally has made several attempts to write about her trip to Borneo. Unfortunately, every time she sits down to write about it, her efforts are derailed. After tonight’s attempt, I realized that she still has too many experiences and memories … Continue reading

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Mt. Zaagkam International School (MZIS)

The girls started school this week! They are attending Mt. Zaagkam International School (MZIS). MZIS is a very small school that operates exclusively for expatriates working for PTFI. It is owned and completely funded by the company, and is a … Continue reading

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