Every little girl fantasizes about being famous at some point in her life. Star-filled dreams of standing in the spotlight and coyly smiling at a crowd of paparazzi and their flashing cameras fill their minds. For some girls, those dreams come true. But, for many girls, those dreams get lost in the night sky.

Interestingly enough, there’s a group of girls who experience a very different and strange kind of stardom – little, blonde girls in Asia. Those girls capture the attention of Asians who are captivated by Hollywood. So much so, that it’s not unusual for them to personify them as Hollywood stars. They will often appear with their cell phones or cameras and high hopes of taking a picture with the little star walking past them.

Kylee, and her confident, self-assured developing ego, has been in the Asian spotlight numerous times. The first time it happened, she thought it was “really weird.” Now, she finds herself relishing those little moments of fame.

IMG_2785 copy

Look at that smile and tell me she’s not enjoying her newfound stardom! This picture was taken when we were in Xi’an, China.

IMG_2786 copy

Males and females, alike, were intrigued by Kylee, and wanted to have a picture taken with her. Like the ladies above, these men took turns having their pictures taken with Kylee.

IMG_2795 copy

The people of Xi’an were so captivated by Kylee that, at one point, a large group of Chinese nationals surrounded her to take pictures with her and watch her buy a bubble toy from a street vendor.



Several members of the Indonesian military saw Kylee walking down the streets of Hidden Vally (Tembagapura), and called out to have a picture taken with the “bulai kecil,”which means little white person. The guy who was taking the pictures already had three or four cameras in his hand, while still receiving another phone from the guy standing to the left.


The owner of one of the woodshops in Timika asked to have a picture taken with Ally and Kylee.


While shopping in Bali,these ladies asked to have their picture taken with Kylee. They were so grateful for her generosity that they gave her a beaded keychain and bracelet as a token of their appreciaion.


Not everyone will ask for a picture. In fact, it’s not uncommon to catch people taking clandestine pictures on the sly. When we were in Thailand, a lady was hiding in the bushes behind Kylee taking pictures of her jumping into the swimming pool. She’s a little hard to see, but she’s standing to the right of the center corner of the rock wall (where the fern is planted). She is leaning forward, wearing a white shirt, and her head is slightly visible through the leaves.

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