A Field Trip to Kuala Kencana

Kuala Kencana (KK) is a small town in the lowlands that is owned and operated by the company to support its mining operations in the highlands. Just like Tembagapura, it’s securely situated away from the general population. It has residential complexes for its employees and their families, a school, mosque, church, grocery store, clinic, sports facilities, swimming pool, and golf course.

The girls had an opportunity to visit KK last week when they went on a two-day field trip to the lowlands. In joint activities with the KK school, the students spent the first day participating in Sports Day activities on the school’s campus. The activities included relay races, obstacle courses, cargo net climbing and track and field events. On the second day, the students journeyed by bus to mangrove swamps where they rode in boats, planted trees, and tried spotting crocodiles.

The girls returned to jobsite dirty, exhausted, sunburned, hungry, and (much to my dismay) photo-less. Just the way they should have after a short, action-packed trip.

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2 Responses to A Field Trip to Kuala Kencana

  1. judy says:

    HI there my name is Judy my husband Rob will be starting work there In 2 weeks while I stay here until I am cleared for travel. We are just wondering if there is anything he should bring that we might not have thought of. I hope to follow eventually and would love to hear from you,

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