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Fortune Apple

Yesterday, Chinese communities around the world quietly bid farewell to the horse and passionately welcomed the goat. Characterized as an auspicious animal, the goat is kind, benevolent, helpful, trusting, and has a strong sense of kindheartedness. Its quiet influence signifies … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation – Part II

Here are a few more pictures of expressively challenged signs and messages that we’ve stumbled across at jobsite and during our travels. After our last collection of pictures (Lost in Translation), we found that there’s a lot of fun looking … Continue reading

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Visa Run

We just retuned from a short trip to Singapore to renew our visas. With numerous stories being told of some employees experiencing a quick, 24-hour turnaround, and other employees experiencing a long, frustrating wait (up to 4-6 weeks), our fate … Continue reading

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