The Six Smells of Tembagapura

Before moving to Tembagapura, I imagined the Papuan rainforest saturated with exotically sweet and sultry smells. I was wrong. In fact, the smell of Tembagapura is limited to six distinct aromas. The most prevalent aroma is damp terra firma, which is often punctuated by a pop of diesel fuel, cigarette smoke, body odor, juniper, and/or campfire. The unwavering combination of these odors creates a smell that is exclusive to jobsite.

WordPress just installed a new program in its operating system that digitally transmits synthetic sensory signals that drive human odor perception. The signals stimulate the brain into believing that it is smelling what it is seeing. It’s an incredible way of providing readers with a truly unique olfactory experience.

The program includes a vast database of more than fifteen-thousand hyper-sensitized aromatic images for users to incorporate in their blogs. To experience the six smells of Tembagapura, simply click on the images below.

images-1 images-1 images-1 Unknown images-1 images-1

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6 Responses to The Six Smells of Tembagapura

  1. Don Doody says:

    You got me. Dang!! Hope all is well with you all. I think I’m slowly getting used to the idea of being alone without my Jeannie.

  2. Kriste Rose says:

    You’re just awesome enough to admit it! Everything is great here. We’re heading out on vacation tomorrow, so things can only getting better. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well, and that time is starting to heal your broken heart. We miss you!

  3. Linda r. Thatcher says:

    Got me too. Technology is going so fast that could be a possibility SOMEDAY!

    • Kriste Rose says:

      I’ll give you a pass since you are living in the same part of the world as us, and, therefore, read it on April 2nd, as opposed to April 1st. It sounds like you and Sid are still keeping busy! With all that you two are doing, you’re surely going to be missed when you return home later this year. How time flies!!

  4. Yesim says:

    You are always on top of April Fool’s Day! Love you and miss you! (I fell for it too- as usual! ☺️)

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