Terima Kasih!

To all of our family, friends, and neighbors, thank-you for the very thoughtful gifts, meals, sweet treats, well-wishes, and hugs that we received this week! We are incredibly lucky to have so many special people in our lives. Until we meet again.

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1 Response to Terima Kasih!

  1. cm_williams49@comcast.net says:

    Dear Kristie and Chris,   It sounds as if you are ready for take off.  Many good thoughts and blessings for an easy trip and a wonderful touch down!   You may have seen that Cameron is getting married next July 12th.  I realize that it is an extremely long shot that you may be able to attend, but would you please send me your address so that an invitation can me mailed out?  I have told your Dad and Kaye that I have a big fantasy about everyone meeting here for a William’s reunion, like the one several summers ago.  Unfortunately, you missed that grand affair – extreme water fights and all.    I’m so very excited for you and your adventures.   Love,   Claire

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