Lost in Translation – Part IV

The Tembagapura department store is ready for the holidays. Artificial Christmas trees with flickering lights and kitschy wooden ornaments are up, and the shelves are amply stocked with children’s toys and games. Amusingly marked by things lost in translation, many of these “Made in China” play sets will be wrapped in lavish wrapping paper (as seen in Lost in Translation III) and adorned with oversized bows and trailing ribbon before they are delivered to little children of Tembagapura during the wee hours of Christmas Eve.


I wonder how the “self loading” feature works on this “Mini Shopping Car.”


I’m not sure what is “Funny” about this royal play set.


“It will string along with you have a pleasure childhood” and “Beauty divas dress up it.” I can’t even begin to understand what these statements are intended to mean.


We’ve seen a few kangaroos during our travels through Australia, but never a lime green one. It looks like someone forgot to do his/her research on kangaroos. By the way, I didn’t realize the graphic nature of the animals’ positions until after I took the photo. Please don’t judge them, just be happy for them.

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