After 4 months and 13 days of living in Indonesia, we, finally, have our KITAS! We just received confirmation from the New Orleans office that they gave Crown Moving authorization to transport our air shipment from its storage unit to a DHL processing site in Ohio. If all goes well, we should have our air shipment before the first week of April.

Our sea shipment, on the other hand, is a different story. It’s still sitting in a custom’s warehouse somewhere in Papua. We are keeping our fingers crossed, carrying our lucky talismans, wishing on stars, searching for wild four-leaf clovers, and just plain hoping that our sea shipment will be released now that we have been granted temporary living status.

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2 Responses to KITAS

  1. Don Doody says:

    Well, I’m all moved into my new home now. Everything went very smoothly and the place looks great!

    Your new gardeners were there yesterday and did a very nice job. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that anymore.

    What’s a KITA?

    Be well,


    Sent from my iPad Don Doody 29655 N. 69th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85266 480-585-0937 Cell – 480-213-7541


  2. Dad says:

    March 20, 2014
    Hi Kriste, Chris, Ally and Kylee:

    Your coin envelope arrived today, in the mail service. The coins were absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I was really excited to open the envelope and as I opened it, I got more and more excited. Today, is a snowey winter day, the first day of Spring. Winter is sure making us sick this Season, I have never seen so much of it, as we have this Winter.

    We are looking forward to Spring and then Summer.
    Retirement is not what I was totally looking for. I do have one client in my consulting business and this should last for another three or four years.

    It was nice getting home from our Mission but after talking with children and grand children, people who we friiend-shipped in Wallceburg, Ontario soon became very friendly to me and our friendship I miss. Maybe, one of these days we will return for a visit.

    Sure hope and prey the four of you are dong well and the girls are doing well in school and Chris is doing well at work.

    We love you and we really miss you all.


    Mom and Dad McNabb

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