The sequence of letters and numbers in HV-1021A looks like it could be a specification for a power line, a part listing for a vacuum cleaner, or a catalog number for a book. It even looks like it could be a number for a prison cell. It isn’t any of these. In fact, it’s our new address. Nothing more, nothing less, just HV-1021A.

Chris just returned from a routine, work-related trip to Indonesia. While over there, he was given the opportunity to see and tour our new home. It’s a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath duplex located between a civilized neighborhood and a virgin rainforest. As an added bonus, a river runs directly behind the back fence and a surging waterfall can be seen and heard from the front yard. Chris describes it as “living at the edge of the world.”



The river that runs behind the back fence.

The river that runs behind the house.

Also, we found out that our deployment date has been moved up by a week. We’re now leaving November 1st, arriving November 4th. Our move date, has been, and continues to be subject to change, so we won’t be surprised if it changes again. In the meantime, we will continue to move forward and make preparations for our upcoming move.

On a side note, that was an unexpected and curious connection that I made between a prison cell and our new address. Funny how the brain works!

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1 Response to HV-1021A

  1. cm_williams49@comcast.net says:

    Looks like a nice house and a wonderful yard – good luck on your move.   Love, Claire

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