Air Shipment v.s. Sea Shipment

Weeks before moving to Indonesia, I spent a lot of time creating piles of items that we needed to take to with us.  Essential items were placed in the suitcase/backpack pile. Important items that we wanted right away were placed in the air shipment pile. Large and nonessential items, that we could live without for 4-6 months, were placed in the sea shipment pile.

I’ve thought about the contents of the air and sea shipments often, but I’ve never questioned or regretted my placement of a single item. Until today.  Chris just received confirmation that our sea shipment has arrived on the island. In an ironic, but, by no means surprising twist of fate, our air shipment is still sitting in an Arizona warehouse.

It’ll be interesting to see which shipment arrives first. Our air shipment can’t be sent until Chris is granted his KITAS (a temporary Indonesian living permit), and we’re not sure how much longer that will take. Also, it’s not unusual for sea shipments to be held-up (for weeks, or even months) on the dock or at customs.

The waiting (and guessing) game continues.


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