We just returned from a four-day trip to Singapore for a required junket to reapply for Indonesian visas. While there, we had grand plans to explore the city, shop, and enjoy popular street-side cafes; unfortunately, most of those plans were put on hold (until our next trip in February/March) due to a case of strep-throat.

Kylee woke up Thursday morning with a sore throat, fever, and bright red spots staining her throat and soft pallet. It was bad timing considering the fact that we were leaving for Singapore early Friday morning. A quick trip to the hospital set her on the right path towards recovery. However, several hours after returning from the hospital, her health abruptly declined and she was back at the hospital. Unbeknownst to us, Kylee is allergic to the penicillin family and was having a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic that she was prescribed earlier in the day.

We didn’t have the option of rescheduling the trip, so we spent most of our time relaxing. The girls enjoyed eating sushi and ice cream for breakfast, shopping at Orchard Central and Bugis Junction, and playing in the pool. The highlight of their trip was being pampered at a fish spa. Fish spas are popular therapy spots in Asia that involve large tanks filled with live garra rufa fish (or “doctor fish”) that clean, exfoliate, and massage feet. The girls spent a half-hour having their feet nibbled on, while enjoying a cup of hot tea and watching people navigate the busy streets.

Fish Spa

Fish Spa

Kylee and Ally enjoying the fish spa treatment.

Kylee and Ally enjoying the fish spa treatment.

Little nibblers enjoying Kylee's toes.

Little nibblers enjoying Kylee’s toes.

Little nibblers enjoying Ally's toes.

Little nibblers enjoying Ally’s toes.

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4 Responses to Singapore

  1. Kim Rose says:

    You are all brave! You couldn’t pay me enough to put me feet in a pool of fish. That’s amazing!

  2. Don Doody says:

    Boy, the girls are really getting an education! Jorge did a good job on your yard today. Everything looks good. Did that rental fall through? Sign is still up for rent. Still no bites on our home. First walk through tomorrow. We’ll see.

    Stay well,


    Sent from my iPad Don Doody 29655 N. 69th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85266 480-585-0937 Cell – 480-213-7541


  3. Kriste Rose says:


    I’m not sure why the sign is still up (maybe because the company is located in Gilbert). The couple signed the contract yesterday and they are moving in on the 15th. Thanks for keeping an eye on George’s work. I’m glad he did a nice job. I hope tomorrow’s showing goes well! Selling a house is so stressful, but its a beautiful house and a nice neighborhood.

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