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In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

The forest near our house is periodically inhabited by elusive Papuans who are heard, but not seen. The sound of their powerful voices, hooting and hollering within the dense tropical vegetation, has a staccato-like rhythm that punctures the air. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Banti Village

Ally has had the opportunity to travel to some extraordinary places in the short time that we have lived here. Places with a wealth of culture. Places wrought with diversity.  And, places entrenched in history or committed to growing with … Continue reading

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One of These Things

A few weeks ago, while conducting an image search for Papuan art, I entered “timika tribal artwork” in the Google search box.  When the results popped up, a collection of pictures illuminated the screen.  It included pictures of Papuans adorned … Continue reading

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Juice Boxes and Machetes

There is an old, weathered bus stop across the street from our house that serves no purpose other than boarding the occasional spider and its web. In an unusual turn of events, there was a flurry of activity there this … Continue reading

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