A Few of our Favorite Things

This list wasn’t planned or intentional. At least not initially. It was the accidental result of our family’s musings of this crazy adventure. In my need, as a self-professed documentarian (in the personal and written sort of way), I started recording the little things that were important to us.

Knowing that these things are too easily forgotten, we continued to keep a running list of them. It didn’t take long, through conversations and stories, to realize that they give us some of our fiercest memories.

With a long (and continually growing list) this is an abridged form of it. In essence, these are just a few of our favorite things:

Best Fireworks
Timika, Papua


Fireworks are sold on the streets of Timika during Christmas and New Years. This is the stand where we bought our Christmas fireworks, which Chris described as “borderline Armageddon, which almost killed [him] off.”

Best Airport Souvenir 
Giant tubs of Tang in the Doha Airport


Of all things, the Doha Airport sells giant tubs of Tang. We would have bought one, but they were too big for our already full pieces of luggage.

Best Hamburger
Somewhere at a roadside cafe on Australia’s Pacific Highway


Ally emphatically carried around the leftover portion of her hamburger for more than 24-hours. She had plans to finish it, but it got too late, and we couldn’t find a garbage can to throw it in. By the next morning, it became our primary mission to get rid of the thing!

Best Villa
Little Hastings Outrigger Resort in Noosa Heads, Australia

Best Milkshake
Benjamin Browns, Singapore


Ally and I went with Stormy, one of our favorite people from jobsite, to Benjamin Browns for milkshakes. This was Ally’s “over-the-top milkshake” – the Old School. Stormy had the Nutella Banana milkshake and I had the Strawberry Shortcake milkshake, which were just as shocking! That’s Stormy in the background giving a big thumbs up.

Best Swimming Pool
Panvaman Hotel and Spa, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Best Hot Chocolate
Wakatipu Hilton Resort and Spa, Queenstown, New Zealand


Kylee and Ally both agree that this is the best hot chocolate that they have ever had.

Best Tuna Tartare
Isle de Pines, New Caledonia

Best Hike
Noosa Heads, Australia

Best Street Food
Beijing, China


A fresh pomegranate juice vendor in Beijing.

Best Quad Bikes
Queenstown, New Zealand

Best Pisang Goreng (fried banana)
Timika Airport, Papua

Best Beach
Tallow’s (squeaky) Beach in Byron Bay, New South Wales

FullSizeRender-2 copy 2

A shadow photograph of Chris, Ally, Kylee and me on our favorite beach.

Best Snorkeling Spot
Ilse de Pines, New Caledonia

Best Coffee
ArcadiA Estate Coffee, Columbia (do yourself a favor an order a bag here).

Best Public Toilet
Port Douglas, Australia


One of many photos from our port-o-potty ambush photography collection. This public toilet was completely automated; patrons don’t need to touch a thing (door, sink, tissue, toilet handle)! It even provides a verbal warning about the amount of time patrons have remaining in the stall before the door automatically opens.

Best Street Music
Byron Bay, Australia

Best Christmas Trees
Rimba Papua Hotel, Timika

FullSizeRender-2 copy

The Rimba Papua Hotel creates a new Christmas tree every year out of recycled materials. This tree, from 2014, was made from drinking straws that were in cold, refreshing drinks served to guests when they arrived. Staff members collected the straws for an entire year.


This Christmas tree, from 2015, was made from the remaining bits of the soap bars that were left at the end of each guest’s stay. The soap was melted, colored yellow, and shaped into roses.


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5 Responses to A Few of our Favorite Things

  1. Yesim says:

    Such great memories you guys have made! I love the shadow go to of the four of you at the beach. That is one to be blown up and framed for sure!

  2. Yesim says:

    *photo- not sure why it auto “in”corrected!

  3. Kriste Rose says:

    Hi Yesim! It sounds like you are crazy busy with your business! I think about you often, and hope you are all doing well!

  4. Cheri says:

    I always love the photos you take. The picture of the guy with the helmet on at the fireworks station is funny. Is it because he was worried of how good the fireworks are? 🙂 I got a kick out of that. Keep having great adventures!!!

  5. Kriste Rose says:

    Hi Cheri! The guy with the helmet was watching my friend and me buy fireworks. The locals in Timika are always interested in the activities of the “bules” (white people) when we go into their town. It’s not unusual for them to stop what they are doing and stare at us. I find it strange that they are still like that, especially since bules have been around since the mine opened in the 70’s.

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