Here and There

It’s not unusual for small anomalies to wield their way into the monotony of mountain living. Like I stated in a previous post, we look forward to them, and, for the most part, appreciate the distraction that they create.

Until now, they have always occurred as single-episode events. Last week was an exception. A couple of events thrust our little family of four in different directions across the map. Earlier last week, Ally and I flew to Singapore for a few days, while Chris and Kylee stayed in Tembagapura. Chris scheduled an unexpected trip back to the U.S. while Ally and I were in Singapore, but, with some luck and careful planning, all four of us were able to meet in Bali to enjoy a quiet evening together before splitting off in different directions again.

On Friday night, Chris continued his travels to the States, while the girls and I remained in Bali. By midnight tonight (Indonesian time), Chris will be driving toward his final destination of Idaho Falls, and we will be checking-in for our flight back to Timika.

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2 Responses to Here and There

  1. Gayle Porcello says:

    Hi, Kriste! Thanks for keeping us informed on how you all are doing! I love to hear about your adventures. We are all doing well here. I am looking forward to seeing you again sometime! Take care and tell your family “hello” for us. Gayle 🙂

  2. Kriste Rose says:

    Hi Gayle! I’m glad to hear that you are all doing well! Things are great here. Chris just returned from his trip home, so we’re glad to have him back. Say “Hi” to everyone for us, too!

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