The Wild West

With Tembagapura-sized holes in our hearts, the girls and I are back in Arizona adjusting to life in the desert. A place where spirits of cowboys and outlaws still roam. Including America’s most famous vigilante, Wyatt Earp, who made history from the legendary shootout at the O.K. Corral.

Phoenix’s harsh and unforgiving terrain, amplified by triple-digit temperatures, is a severe change from Papua’s rainforest. It’s an ideal place to get heatstroke, step on a barbed cholla, get bit by a rattlesnake, stung by a bark scorpion, chased by a javelina, or trapped in a haboob. Tempered by spectacular sunsets and the summer’s monsoon, Arizona is a place where we are happy to be and to call home.


When we arrived in Phoenix on July 1st, the temperature was a blistering 113F at 11:30am!

FullSizeRender-3 copy 2

Our front yard is full of barbs, spikes, thorns, prickles, spines, hooks, spurs…


…and snakes!!


But, every day ends with an incredible display of color in the sky!


Our VERY FIRST stop after leaving the airport’s car rental facility was Taco Bell. When Kylee was hospitalized during Christmas of 2013 (shortly after we arrived in Tembagapura), she had dreams of Taco Bell that left her in tears because she wanted a chalupa so badly. She, FINALLY, got her chalupa!


Moving day was July 6th and 7th. Our personal belongings, which were packed in crates and stored at a local storage facility, were delivered and unpacked, making our house feel like a home. It was better than Christmas going through all the boxes because we were unpacking things that we had completely forgotten about.


Another silver-lining to Phoenix’s sweltering summers – swimming!

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6 Responses to The Wild West

  1. Yesim says:

    Welcome home! I will be calling you to catch up very soon!

  2. Don Doody says:

    Welcome back! Don

  3. Cheri says:

    Glad you guys are back safe! What an awesome field trip for me and awesome adventure for you all. Cheri

    • Kriste Rose says:

      Cheri! We are glad we did it, but we are glad to be home. I hope you and your family are enjoying the summer. Let me know if you ever make it to Phoenix – now that we are more visit-able.

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