Goodbye MZS!

When Ally and Kylee’s feet climbed the steep, metal steps of the school bus this morning, a dizzying array of emotions surged through their bodies as they prepared for their final day of school in Tembagapura. Feelings of excitement, trepidation, sorrow, gratitude, anger, fear, joy, and relief continued to follow them as they got off the bus and walked into their classrooms. Their emotional day was gradually quelled by the realization that they had the very unique opportunity of attending “the world’s most isolated school,” and by knowing that they will always be part of its history.


Ally and Kylee getting on the monster school bus for the last time. It’s hard to believe that in two short months, Ally will be starting high school and Kylee will be finishing her last year of elementary school.

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1 Response to Goodbye MZS!

  1. Claire Williams says:

    Happy and safe travels back to your home in the U.S.

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