Bird’s Eye View

In this unique mining town, community events with live auctions pave the way for acquiring items that are inherently complicated to get. Sometimes those items include unique pieces of artwork, electronic devices, or a giant tub of Red Vines. Whatever they may be, they always produce spirited and playful moments of competition and rivalry among friends and colleagues.

Chris recently attended a school fundraiser where a drone was auctioned off. I wasn’t there to see or hear the excitement unfold, and Chris’s story is a little vague, but he locked the winning bid and arrived home with the flying contraption. And a big, dimple-studded boyish grin.

Since his bidding blunder victory, Chris continues to release his high-tech toy into the skies above jobsite as often as he can. The drone has gone to unreachable places and spaces to capture some of the most stunning views around us. Views that we have never been able to see and appreciate until now.

The following video is of a flyover of Hidden Valley (our neighborhood) that Chris took earlier tonight. The video includes distant shots of Tembagapura, Rainbow Ridge, the helipad, the road that leads to the mine, the road between Tembagapura and Hidden Valley, and the road that leads to Timika. As you will see from the video, we really do live at the far edge of civilization!

To view some of Chris’s other drone videos, click on this link.

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4 Responses to Bird’s Eye View

  1. Don Doody says:

    Hi Kriste,
    I thought you were coming home. I was surprised to get this.


  2. Kriste Rose says:

    Hi Don! We don’t leave until sometime in July, so we have another month or two here! Chris begins his new job in the corporate office on August 1. 🙂

  3. Wendy says:

    Cool videos! He needs one that shows you guys in front of you house waiving.

    • Kriste Rose says:

      That’s a great idea! Kylee and her friends are often seen jumping on the trampoline in Chris’s neighborhood videos, but she was sick Sunday night.

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