There are only two methods of transportation in and out of Tembagapura – armored buses and the Mi-171 helicopter. The buses look just like MZIS school buses, but they are equipped with armored plating. It takes approximately three-hours to make the trip up or down the mountain.

The Mi-171 is a Russian military-style helicopter that seats 23 passengers and 4 crew members. It only takes twenty-minutes to make the trip up or down the mountain. Obviously, the helicopter is the preferred source of transportation, but it only flies when the weather is good, which is particularly unpredictable in the middle of a rainforest.

This is our first trip out of Tembagapura, and our first flight on the chopper.

Boarding first chopper

The girls walking towards the chopper.

Just about there.

Almost there.

One of many Airfast ads; they crack me up!

One of many Airfast ads that address chopper safety.

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3 Responses to Mi-171

  1. Don Doody says:

    Is Tembagapura where you are living? Why are the buses armored? Very interesting life you are now living.

    Still not one call on our home. Makes me wonder. The beautiful orchid plant is still alive. I water it every other day.

    Thank you again,

    Be well,


    Sent from my iPad Don Doody 29655 N. 69th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85266 480-585-0937 Cell – 480-213-7541 doodioni@aol.com


    • Kriste Rose says:

      Hi Don! Tembagapura is the main townsite; our house is in Hidden Valley (a community two miles up from Tembagapura). The buses are armored because of a few security issues that the company has had in the past. Hopefully you’ll start seeing some activity on your house this week. We’ll send good vibes your way! I’m glad your enjoying the orchid!

  2. Dad says:

    Congratulations on riding on a helicopter. Dad has never had a helicopter ride in all his life.
    Hope things are going well for both of you and the girls. We sure do miss you and do look forward to your return. We love you all and do miss all four of you.

    Love,Mom and Dad

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