Back in the Driver’s Seat (on the Wrong Side)

After twenty-one days of being without a vehicle, Chris is driving again! On Thursday, he took and passed jobsite’s mandatory driving test. Today, he’s driving a Toyota Troop Carrier. It’s not his Jeep Rubicon, but it’s a formidable substitute with a big diesel engine! He would love to pack it up and take it home with him at the end of our time here, but importing it into the U.S. is impossible (something about it being company property).

This vehicle is capable of handling some of the most rugged terrain in the Indonesian jungle – including PTFI’s extreme HEAT Road (Heavy Equipment Access Trail) and the hundreds of miles of wet tunnels in the underground mine. The HEAT road is incredibly steep from start to finish, and will exceed a 30% grade at some points. As the photo illustrates, leaving the road would result in a very bad day, especially for the safety guy, so a powerful and rugged vehicle is necessary.

Chris's Toyota Troop Carrier

Chris’s Toyota Troop Carrier

Chris in the driver's seat.

Chris back in the driver’s seat!


PTFI’s H.E.A.T road. The town of Tembagapura is the large open area at the end of the road on the right side. Photo courtesy of

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