Sundays in the Rainforest

Sundays have become our favorite day of the week! The girls and I sleep-in while Chris brews a cup of coffee and catches up on the morning news and his favorite website, Sometimes-Interesting. After a quiet, relaxing morning, we load into the back of the Toyota and head down to the Lupa Lelah Club for Sunday brunch. Considering where we live, it’s quite the lavish spread. Brunch includes soups, mixed salads, antipasto plates, breads and rolls, fresh fruits, hot entrees, carved meats, a pasta bar, a hot waffle bar, and a dessert table. A meal fit for kings.

After brunch, a long walk is always rewarded with incredible vistas. The views are really hard to appreciate through the lens, especially when they shrink 500-1,000 foot waterfalls into undefined lines that appear to lightly streak the mountainsides. When the clouds start moving in (one of my favorite things), it signals eminent rain and a warning for us to turn around and head back home before we get caught in a downpour.

Picture from Sunday walk

A picture taken during today’s walk.

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2 Responses to Sundays in the Rainforest

  1. Kaye Rose says:

    What a wonderful
    Idea, it is beautiful! Can you pick the flowers? Please watch out for the weekly native wars! tho and if you come across one, have the girls Run Like the Wind! Love to you all! Grandma k

  2. Don Doody says:

    Your home is still standing. Jorge did a good job on your yard and the pool guy comes by every week.

    Merry Christmas to you and the family,


    Sent from my iPad Don Doody 29655 N. 69th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85266 480-585-0937 Cell – 480-213-7541


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