I just removed our mailing address from the blog because we can’t receive mail or DHL until Chris’s position is officially on the company’s manning table, which won’t happen until January. As soon as we are able to receive mail, I will repost the address. Please save your Christmas cards and send them to us in January; we love receiving them and don’t want to miss out on getting them!

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  1. David Rose says:

    OK, I guess the problem was that the swift code is for a bank in Jakarta. The individual I was working with was new in international transfers. I finally asked him how many codes Wells Fargo has, 1. That now makes sense, your local bank is a branch of the bank headquartered in Jakarta. Their transfer is closed for the night, every thing is complete for transfer first thing in the morning. If we need to do this again,it will be a piece of cake. This time their legal office got involved before the POE was approved. Hope you get the money in time. Love you guys

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    • Kriste Rose says:

      Thanks for your help with the wire transfer! I’ve never received good, valid information from WF about international banking. Hopefully, this is the only time that you’ll have to do it. We appreciate and love you!

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