About this Blog

This summer our family made a once in a lifetime decision to move 7,693 miles away from home. We will be moving to Tembagapura, Indonesia. Tembagapura is an isolated jungle town nestled in the Papua Jayawijaya Mountains above Timika. It is a self-sufficient community structured to support Freeport McMoRan’s Grasberg Mine and its national and expat communities.  Tembagapura is just like any typical small town; it is made up of neighborhoods and has a hospital, banks, schools, churches, mosques, coffee shops, post offices, a beauty salon and a library. It also has restaurants, grocery stores, a drug store, and recreation centers with a swimming pool, gymnasiums, tennis courts, and a football field.

In addition to learning how to live, work, and go to school in an Indonesian society, we will also have opportunities to travel around the world.  Some of the places that we hope to visit include Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Beijing, Cairns, Sydney and New Zealand.

The purpose of this blog is to document our adventures and to keep our family and friends informed of our activities and experiences.  We are looking forward to this adventure and sharing it with you.

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1 Response to About this Blog

  1. Nadine and Steve Cherry says:

    This is an exciting trip we will be taking with you. Thank you for letting us come along. The river or creek behind your new home is worth a million dollars. Enjoy….

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